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Alpaca Fur Teddy Bears
in natural colors (plus blue and pink), and 6 sizes:

4” Pocket Bear (bottom center)
8” Baby Bear (bottom left)
11” Cuddly Bear (3 on top left)
14” Huggable Bear (top center white and bottom brown)
17” Ultimate Bear (top pink)
19” Mega Bear (rightmost on top and bottom)

Premium Alpaca Fur Toy
Our large 14" and 9” Huacaya Alpacas are collectible toys.
All are individually hand-crafted in Peru. In assorted natural colors.

14” (upper row)
9” (lower row)

Fluffy Alpaca Toys in natural colors.

Small Alpaca Toys

Alpacas made from natural fur (top row)
Needle-felted Alpacas (bottom row)

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